Vacant Staging of Great Room by iSearch Decor

Scale is Key

Have you ever walked into a home or a listing and felt that something was a little off? Maybe the Queen bed had to be tucked into the corner to fit the narrow guest room. There was an expansive piece of art crammed onto a skinny wall.  The furniture was minuscule in a grand 15-foot-ceiling living room. All homes are different, which is why we always stress the importance of scale.

Whether you are furnishing your own home or staging it to sell, it is crucial to match the scale of furnishings and decor with the scale of the home. Staging is not one size fits all. As a company that specializes in staging luxury properties, we take time and care to hand select every piece of furniture and decor to fit each project that we take on.

Take for example, our 109th Place project–we knew the living room housed high vaulted ceilings, towering glass doors, and a show-stopping chandelier. At a whopping listing price of $5,995,000, this house was far from ordinary! Right off the bat, it was easy to determine that the items we select for 109th Place would be different than items we would choose for a $1M high-rise condo. We opted for large scale furniture that could measure up to this impressive space. From the rug to the couches to the end tables, all components came together to compliment this room to appeal to potential buyers.

One of the most important steps of the home staging process is the in-person consultation. This gives the stager the opportunity to evaluate the size and style of the space, take photos, and write down measurements. Depending on the size of the home, these consultations can range anywhere from 20 minutes to one hour. We also feel that it is best to have this initial meeting in person and in the home in order to meet the client, discuss budget, and assess any other improvements that should be done prior to listing. In a world that has become so consumed with virtual, we love to have an opportunity to be face to face with the clients that are trusting us to help them take a huge leap in selling their home!

The staging consultation was the first step towards achieving a balanced look at our 109th Place project. The lead on this staging, Alicia, was able to immerse herself in this home prior to installation day in order to choose the best furnishings and accessories possible. For the living room, Alicia chose neutral furniture in shades of tan and dark wood to play off the home’s modern Tuscan style, all while keeping the magnitude of this home in mind. With a high-end luxury list price, the client’s budget allowed for Alicia to source high end furniture and accessories to live up to the home’s standard. The style and scale came together in harmony to produce a beautifully staged home. And in the end it definitely paid off! At its luxury price point, the staged home sold for 98% of the listing price in just 79 days.