Detail shot of decorative kitchen staging items

Tried & True Kitchen Staging Tips

Kitchens sell houses. Three words could not be truer in the world of real estate. Kitchens are the heart of the home, an entertaining space, and where families gather together. At iSearch Decor we add staging elements to the kitchen in every project we take on. Whether the kitchen is freshly remodeled or needing a little extra love, staging a kitchen is a simple and effective way to bring light and life to the most important space in the home.

Some key things to consider when staging a kitchen include: counter space, seating options, and style. Now let’s break each of these components down!

Whether the seller is is living in the home while listing or it is vacant, we want to place an emphasis on less is more. Less clutter will give the illusion of a larger space. An article from Apartment Therapy quotes a fellow stager:

Also, if you’re staging your home for sale, crowded countertops send the message that there isn’t enough storage space, says Mary Frances McGraw, a certified home stager with Practical Life LLC (

We encourage sellers to go through all household items to determine if they can be removed, stored in cabinets, packed, or donated before listing. The goal with this is to showcase to buyers that the there would be plenty of room for them to live here and have a space for all of their belongings.

When it comes to styling counters, we want to keep it minimal and functional. One element that we will always bring for a kitchen is a decorative basket/bowl or glass hurricane for fruit (pro tip: faux fruit is the way to go when staging!). A beautiful vessel full of vibrant fruit is such a beautiful sight in any kitchen and will bring a much-needed pop of color. Some of our other favorite counter pieces are a cookbook on a stand next to the range, decorative canisters on a tray, and small plants.

Depending on the layout, you might have some optional seating in the kitchen. Whether it is a couple of spots for bar stools or an eat-in breakfast nook, adding that extra seating when staging helps potential buyers envision themselves hosting their friends and families in this entertaining space. Along with the extra seating, we like to incorporate place settings too! At kitchen counters we’ll display a more casual breakfast set up with coffee mugs and a plate setting. On the kitchen table we jazz it up a little with wine glasses.

And we never want to forget staying true to the home’s style in the kitchen! From selecting the cookbook down to each plate and napkin, we want to stay cohesive in our styling. We stage all styles of houses ranging from modern to Tuscan to farmhouse, and we have accessories to accommodate them all. 

Staging doesn’t always have to be about bringing in furniture; simple counter top accessories can make a big impact in listing photos to highlight the most important space in the home!