Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs are a great way to find out more about how the program works for businesses.

How Program Works

iSearchDecor is a referral service that connects homeowners with pre-approved vendors in over 200 categories relating to services, renovation and decor. We provide person-to-person assistance, taking each client from scheduling vendors to obtaining quotes to following up on their overall experience once the job is completed.

  1. Get Started

    Here's how to activate your account and join the fastest growing vendor network:

    • Complete the short request information form.
    • After you receive your login and password, go to the business home page to login and finish completing the your Profile.
    • Select specialties for which you would like to receive client referrals; You may select as many specialties as you like.
    • Send the information requested in your welcome email to complete your screening.
    • Pay a nominal annual activation fee.
    • Once your account is activated and approved, you are eligible to begin receiving client referrals through the system.
  2. Decide on the Referrals You Take

    Receive a Referral Offer via email. Click on the Accept or Decline button. Client contact information will automatically be sent to your email upon hitting the Accept button . Decline the offer, and simply wait for the next one.

    • Follow up with the the referral and begin the direct selling process.
    • Develop an ongoing relationship with each referral by sending follow-up communications keeping your company top of mind.

  3. Purchase Your Referrals

    Determine the amount to be spent on referrals each month by updating your subscription.

    • You can change your monthly subscription amount at any time.
    • You pay on a "per referral" basis as referrals are accepted by you, OR, in some cases, pay a flat monthly fee for unlimited referrals
    • Our competitive per referral pricing can be viewed after login.

    To obtain a username and password, complete a short business profile.

    You can purchase additional credits at any time during the month to capture even more referrals.

  4. What Does the Client Get?

    Client receives the contact information of a business that Accepts the referral offer. The vendor information provided includes:

    • Business Name, Address, Phone
    • Contact Name
    • Business Description, Type and Pricing Level
    • Business Hours
    • Insider Savings Offered
  5. How Many Vendors are Matched to each Client?

    • Each client may receive a maximum of three vendor referrals that are matched to their specific request.
    • Vendors can determine if they want to accept or decline the option to bid on a project.
    • Because vendors can accept or decline the option to bid on a project, there may be less than three vendors bidding.