Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs are a great way to find out more about how the program works for businesses.

Program FAQs For Businesses

  • What is iSearchDecor?

    iSearchDecor is an online lead generation service. We connect consumers to home décor merchants and service professionals based on the consumer's preference, style and budget.

  • How is iSearchDecor different from other lead generation companies?

    iSearchDecor distinguishes itself from other lead generation companies by 1) working with locally owned businesses (the hidden gems) in the area, by 2) limiting the number to a maximum of three businesses shown to a customer for each request, by 3) only sending leads that directly match the actual request (example: we will not send a lead to a painter when the customer requested matches for flooring), and by 4) limiting the number of businesses accepted into the iSearchDecor network.

  • What services does iSearchDecor offer to local home decor and home improvement merchants?

    iSearchDecor offers the following services: 1) leadGEN, 2) leadSHARE, 3) leadSURE, 4) leadREP. All merchants must initially enroll in the leadGEN program in order to be eligible to participate in the other programs in the service suite. Specific information about each of these services can be viewed by clicking here.

  • How are businesses accepted into the iSearchDecor network?

    Businesses are accepted into the iSearchDecor program if they meet the requirements as outlined in the Terms and Conditions. Acceptance is also based on the following criteria: locally owned business, Better Business Rating of B- or above and willingness to offer the iSearchDecor user special insider savings.

  • How does iSearchDecor find targeted, qualified prospects?

    iSearchDecor will utilize the following marketing tactics: e-marketing and search engine optimization, strategic alliances with affiliate companies, networking and partnering with realtors and relocation companies, press releases on iSearchDecor, and local PR.

  • How do I activate my business account?

    To activate your business account, fill out the business profile and receive your username and password. Then login to the business area and complete the business questionnaire. You can choose as many specialties as you would like matches for. Set your monthly subscription amount and enter your payment type. You will be charged a nominal one time account activation fee and your first monthly subscription amount, and Voila! You are all set to begin receiving your leads.

  • How do I pay for leads?

    Leads are charged on a "per lead" basis as they occur. Businesses select a monthly subscription amount and can purchase credits within the system. As leads are distributed, per lead fees are charged against the credits in the account. At any time a business can update their monthly subscription amount or purchase additional credits for a particular month.

    Credits will only be deducted for each lead distributed to you. In 30 days, we will roll over any balance left in your account and charge the amount necessary to bring your balance back up to the monthly subscription amount. This will ensure a constant, uninterrupted flow of leads.

    (Example: You set a monthly subscription amount of $300. During the 30-day period you use $220 of your balance for leads distributed to you. There is $80 left in your account to be rolled over into the next period. To bring your balance back to the $300 monthly subscription amount, you will be charged $220.)

  • How do I get leads from iSearchDecor?

    iSearchDecor will provide a notification to the email address in the business profile. Businesses can also log in and view leads through the Reports Menu.

  • Do I have a contract with iSearchDecor for any specific period of time?

    There are no contracts with iSearchDecor. You can suspend your account at any time with thirty (30) days notice. To suspend your account, contact your local account manager or use the Contact Us form.

  • Can I track the return on my investment?

    iSearchDecor allows you to track your investment. At any time you can login and view reports that showcase your leads received and the overall cost. Through our system, you can also track the status of each lead such as lead contacted or lead converted. Export this data and merge with your sales data. You will be able to quickly analyze the purchases made by your leads. If you need help with this, your local account manager will be happy to assist you.

  • How many leads will I receive?

    The number of leads you will receive will depend on the following factors: whether or not you are in good standing with the Company, the amount of credits in your account, and the number of match requests received within your specialties.

  • Can I suspend my lead flow?

    To suspend your account, send an email to your local account manager or use the Contact Us form on the website. Your monthly subscription will be suspended until you reactivate your account. Credits remaining in your account will be depleted as long as there are sufficient funds to purchase a lead. Any remaining funds will remain in your account until you reactivate or for 90 days, whichever comes first. If your account is not reactivated within 90 days, any remaining funds will be forfeited.

  • If I have additional questions, whom should I contact?

    If you have registered within the iSearchDecor system, please contact your local account manager. If you do not know who your local account manager is, please contact us.