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Ok, so you’ve just bought a new home and now you need new furniture because the furniture you currently have will not work with the architecture or the scale of your new home. You have the dilemma of finding furniture stores that not only fit your style and size, but also your budget. Your realtor may give you a few tips on where some of the national chains are located, but where do you go to find unique, one-of-a-kind affordable items that won’t break the bank?

Your first thought may be to go to an online directory like Google or Yahoo or to the old standby, the Yellow Pages.  However, going to online directories may not be the most useful way to go.  For one, there are many companies listed in online directories that are no longer in business or who have moved.  Second, you cannot readily tell if these stores have exactly what you want, or if the price will fit your budget.

The Solution… iSearchDecor, a free online referral service that will perfectly match you to the exact vendor who has what you are looking for.

Simply go online or call the team at iSearchDecor, and they will help you find what you are looking for at no charge.  They will provide an unbiased referral list of where to go and who to call.  In addition, vendors offer additional savings and promotions when you use the iSearchDecor service.  There is no obligation to use the recommended vendors, but it will give you an easy, stress free way to identify terrific local vendors with unique, one-of-a-kind products and services.

Helpful Tips After You Close on Your Home:

  • Make a list of the highest priority items and services needed for the new home
  • Include a budget for each item or service
  • Have an idea of your décor style (an easy way to do this is to cut out pictures from magazines of décor and furnishings you find appealing)
  • Get quotes and bids from qualified vendors through iSearchDecor

Quick Changes to Consider for Your New Home:

  • A fresh coat of paint.

There is nothing that gives a room a facelift like a new paint job.  If you need help selecting colors, there are consultants at local paint stores who can help you.  Simply take pictures and swatches of fabric and the painting consultants can do wonders with pulling it all together.

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  • New knobs and handles.

If a total kitchen or bathroom remodel is out of the question, a quick and easy transformation can be done by simply changing or applying new knobs and handles to existing cabinetry.  A handyman can make this happen.

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  • New lighting fixtures and ceiling fans.

New lighting and ceiling fans that match your décor and the scale of the room will make a huge difference as you work to make your mark on your new home.   Get Connected to Lighting Stores Now

The most important thing to remember is that you enjoy the experience of creating your vision of style, luxury and comfort for your home.   iSearchDecor can help you make the transition easier while saving you time and money.

About iSearchDecor:

iSearchDécor is an accomplished consumer reference for locating the best quality furniture, appliances, home décor, and contractor services at considerable and unadvertised reductions. Like an e-dating service for interior decor, we privately match customers together with highly motivated suppliers that have been hand-selected, and expertly reviewed by our staff members. This blend of premium quality services and products, at amazing reduced pricing, gives you value you wouldn’t be able to find yourself.

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