iSearchDecor Successful Stagings: 92nd Street

April 9th, 2014

Still think that staging isn’t important? Think again.

We staged this property 4 days after the initial call from the agent and it sold in just two weeks at the listed price.

There were 10 other properties in the same condo unit, all listed under the selling price of the one we staged.

At iSearchDecor, not only can we help refer you to professional and reputable vendors, but we also provide staging services. Check out our latest staging article here.

This staging includes:

Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen Nook, Kitchen Accessories,  Master Bedroom

Approximate cost for staging:

Furniture Rental:  $750 per month + $200 delivery/set up/tear down (2 month minimum lease) + 1 month refundable deposit

Staging Services:   Furniture Selection and Staging on day of delivery:  $750

Call iSearchDecor at 480.619.5505 for pricing your next staging!

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